macbook pro with retina?

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Re: macbook pro with retina?

In my mind the most important difference between the Mac and the PC is the support offered by Apple.  You can get an appointment at the Genius Bar for any  Mac related problem which will give you a 15 minute or so conversation with the "Genius" that will lead to most problems being solved.   If the problem persists you can rebook an appointment.  There isn't any equivalent support for PCs.  Most PC vendors tech support is not said to be satisfactory. In my opinion this justifies the higher price of the Mac.

The telephone service during the warranty period is amazing.  The warranty time can be extended to 3 years by purchasing the extended Apple care.  I once had a problem with my  Mac not getting its email and had several telephone conversations with Apple support that finished with the problem (a corrupted system file) being solved.  I believe Apple computers have as many problems as the PC but the difference is that Apple will help you fix it.  When I owned a PC, there wasn't anybody to help me and I had to resort to reading forums, support websites and so forth. If you like to tinker and fix your computer get a PC.  If you want to spend your creative energy on your photography (Photoshop and Lightroom) then get an Apple


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