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I didn't have much time today to do any extensive testing on the DNG file of the sunflower picture, however there are some "interesting" consequences of using LR4 for D7100 editing. As you might be away D7100 raws can be imported into LR4 by using the trick posted on the OP page.

If anyone wants to look at this, try looking at some out of focus, low light shadow area at low ISO (for example ISO 100). Now play a little with the LR color noise reduction slider...set it to 0 then 50 then 0 again.

At least for the sunflower picture the LR color noise reduction shows the lines/row pattern that I describe in my initial post, where they were not so apparent before - maybe they were just masked by the color noise. I can't tell if this only happens on the single D7100 DNG file that I have, but if it happens with other files too, then LR color noise removal actually makes the pattern appear more distinct to my eyes.

For example I just tried opening the same file in RawTherapee and used the simple Line Noise Removal setting of 14 and this line noise pattern disappeared completely.

Please keep in mind that I'm not trying to insinuate anything about LR, I'm just posting my findings with the limited data that I can get my hands on.

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