Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Their cameras all look dumb...

Samsung can't make, well, anything to be the best. I've never seen good IQ out of any of their cameras. Panasonic destroys them on every level in TVs. I'm not into phones too much anymore but I'm sure they're behind iPhone (who isn't). Asus, Google, and Apple all have better tablets per the reviews. Just watch this video Kai does on DigitalRev and I'm sure you'll not be too keen on this camera.

The kid at work has a Sony mirrorless and for the life of me I can't figure out how to turn down the ISO or even take it off Auto mode because there are TWO buttons on the thing. That's it. Stupidest thing I've ever seen. C3, I think it is. Plus the lens is waaaayyyy off to one side making it lopsided and looking super dumb.The thing is shaped like big dumb ugly "L".

Nikon 1: Again Kai feels how I do about the V1, and although both of us like Nikon, he said like I did: you can just buy a PEN! The V2 looks boxy and even worse. And whatever ones Austin Kutcher advertises look stupid as well.

Canon EOS M: Nothing really wrong with this and like Nikon I'm sure they'll get people to buy it but still nothing about it makes me want it more than an Olympus or Panasonic.

Then you take a look at the silver and black OMD and you're like, "Wow, stylish." Pop the 45 or 75mm f1.8 lens on it and you've got one nice looking camera. If small is what you want the PM2 + 14 or 20mm will do you. If you prefer Panasonic then fine, you can still use all the lenses mentioned.

Actually, I shouldn't pretend to know what will and won't sell. But that was fun slamming what I don't like!

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