Canon Rumors-PowerShot? I Say It Is A G2X

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Re: Rumors LOL ...

frameman wrote:

I have just spent 15 mins replying to have it wiped out by a an internet error, blast it. I'll not try again.

Just a tip: If your reply to a previous post is going to be lenghthy?  Write it out in your Word Processor first. (I use Microsoft Word) Copy it and Paste into your dpreview reply. Works like a champ!

I got so frustrated with my replies or threads disappearing on this site, that's when I started using Word to compose them first.

I usually keep my replies/threads short....if I can. However, when you're dealing with Howard's thread/replies? They naturally lend themselves to long answers. (I mean that in a positive way)

Short replies :- I want lighter and smaller kit and utilise some of the Canon accessories I already have, the G1X in a faster focusing guise would surfice adequately as it has the image quality.

Zone focusing is not an answer to slow focusing but an option if you know when and where you intend to capture the image, especially when it will be across the scene. The smaller the sensor the greater the depth of field at any focal length. The G1X has a very useable sensor size in that regard. Zone focusing works by the fact of knowing the distance etc and understanding the hyperfocal length. It is possible to fit the target within the depth of field and get sharp focus, Leica M users seem to get adept at it.

If the EOS M gets faster focusing then I guess that it will be transfered to the G1X and DSLRs that use live view, and cosequentially create a G2X. The list of reviews that absolutely love the EOS M and G1X but find the focusing frustrating are endless. I can't see the point of the M but I can the G1X. From my testing the slower focusing is a bug bear to me and one of the reasons I haven't yet bought into one. I have Leica D-Lux 4 that is faster and that is 3-4 years older.

I hope I have answered some of the things that I refered to in my previous post, the destroyed post that didn't happen was much more detailed , but there ya go it happens.

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