macbook pro with retina?

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Re: macbook pro with retina?

success100 wrote:

Honestly you just need to go to a apple store and try it out. I switched to a MacBook Pro last year and I would NEVER go back to a PC. It's seriously that good. I think for multimedia editing its superior to windows. There is a learning curve and yes you can get more powerful hardware for less money with a PC, however Macs will give you a level of smoothness, OS integration, build quality,, efficiency, and battery life that in my opinion can not be touched by a windows PC.

Honestly the mac vs PC debate will never die, it's all personal preference. Macs are usually built FAR better than there windows counterparts but windows machines have come a loooong way and some of them have build quality and features that DO rival that of MacBooks. I'm a long time user of windows and now that I've switched, I'd never go back. However some windows users will feel the exact opposite

If you look for a PC with the same specifications, build quality, size and weight you end up having to pay a very similar amount of money. Point in case: a Dell XPS 15" with similar specs and SSD puts well over $2200 in the scale, and it is actually a little bit slower than the rMBP. This is something most people generally forget.

The point with a PC is, that you have a choice. You may not need/want that build quality, size, weight, etc in which case you can buy something that is much cheaper. Apple only focuses on the low volume, high profit, higher end part of the market, and shies away from the low profit bulk market.

That said, I switched 4 years ago and wouldn't want to go back. My current rMBP is simply amazing. I can not live with a low-res screen ever again and I will happily pay a little more than I would technically need just to get a machine that just does what I want it to do without hassle, malware and manufacturer bloat.

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