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Re: Let's see

What the OP seemed to be looking for was a really good “pity party” for his impending divorce from Olympus . . . and BYOB, by the way.

I must say that this forum has done a miserable job of responding.  Matter of fact, the pity party doesn’t seem to have gotten any traction at all.  Terrible state of affairs.

Where are the Oly self-flagellants beating themselves bloody on their backs with the whips studded with out-of-date sensors?

Where is the procession of brightly robed Cardinals of Equivalency swinging their censers of pixel smoke?

Where are the Bishops of Bokeh, with their learned pronouncements as to how much DOF can be measured across the head of a pin?

And where is the 1022 choir, belting out chorus after hallelujiah chorus of

Can .    .    .    . iiiii  .    .    .    . kon


Can .    .    .    . iiiii  .    .    .    . kon

O canikon, o canikon, o canikon

As I said above, simply lousy response.

Time to seriously lift your game up; don’t give up on Olympolypse Now just because it didn’t happen last week, or last month, or last year as expected.  Keep the faith that we will be truly abandoned and that our long fast glass will be worth nothing more than common window glass at the recycling depot.  Keep the faith that the only reason Olympus continues to go forward is to truly, finally teach 4/3rds users the meaning of  utter despair.  Keep the faith that the rumored new 4/3rds body will have a Kodak sensor in it, obtained quite cheaply from Kodak’s garage sale of their pile of slightly-used patents.

Self pity – after all - is an infinite resource.  So don’t be at all afraid to use as much of it as you like.  Imagine the triumph you will feel when you know you are the single sad unfortunate left on the entire planet Earth who still has to shoot with 4/3rds gear.

Just imagine.


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