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Re: I'm thinking your timing may have been a bit off.

veroman wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

With new Olympus DSLR releases around the corner, it may well be the new Sony sensors they will likely have may enable them to match, or even exceed, Canon APS-C. Then again, the better part of a year might just be too long to sit on equipment you're not currently using.

I considered it. Decided not to wait for something that's an unknown. I also considered what my older DSLRs would be worth once that "unknown is known" and decided, if Olympus delivers, I probably couldn't give the stuff away.

For sure.  But it could just as easily go the other way -- the lenses would suddenly gain value.  Well, as we all know, the only certainties are death and taxes. 

We'll all soon see what Olympus has come up with down the road. If it embodies what I love about Olympus image-making, then maybe I'll return at that time.

In my opinion, this will be Olympus' last round with DLSRs.  By the time the next round would have come, they will have sorted out the issues for their "one beautiful system".

I think they were overly optimistic about being able to do that, gave up prematurely on their DSLRs, when they should have released an E7 and E70 a year ago with the EM5 sensor and IBIS.

In the meantime, the image quality from my Canons will never go out of style. Great cameras no matter what else comes along.

The same could be said for your Olympus cameras.

One just has to be careful and highly selective when it comes to Canon lenses.

It would surprise me if someone were to choose lenses at random. 

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