Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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bold statement, but not entirely untrue

vincent filomena wrote:

Shut the camera down (Mute/Natural) -2,-2,-2,:

Shoot complete Auto, and the camera will be right more times than you with all your adjusting machinations and bracketing;

I never bracket because I don't have the discipline and because almost everything I shoot is dynamic.

Apart from that, there is truth in what you say (even if you say it bluntly).

I use S-priority where needed (20-30% of my shooting) and A-priority where desired (another 20-30% of my shooting).  Manual is maybe 5% (mostly studio).

But in fact I shoot a lot at P-mode with EV-comp (not the same as "Full Auto", but close) because a lot of what I shoot is in very dynamic situations in which I need to catch fleeting moments under wildly varying lighting conditions (I almost never use flash nor tripod).

In those circumstances the camera is just quicker at making shot-to-shot adjustments than I am. I could make them (of course) but I would miss shots while doing so.

The camera does not always get it right, but in some circumstances its hit rate is better than mine.

I am at peace with that.  There is no ego-contest between me and my gear.

relax, enjoy the Image !

I always do.


That's why all my Photos are perfect...:-O

Always (really: ALWAYS) be your own first fan. There may not be others.

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