leaving olympus as main brand

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Re: leaving olympus as main brand

Hi Technokid

what are you asking the comunity for exactly? If you are looking for recommendations for alternative gear to your Oly stuff, then you are definitely in the wrong forum - or the wrong internet for that matter. I doubt very much that there are soothsayers here or visionaries who can know what your photo needs are without any explanation from your side. If you supply some information as to your shooting style, photographic interests and intended photo subjects, and also about your level of proficiency, I am sure you will get some very useful answers, not restricted to a particular brand, but possibly more inclined towards Olympus than other brands, as this _is_ the Olympus forum...You could also explain what it is exactly that you need and you cannot get from Olympus.

In the meantime to be honest, I find your arguments against Olympus more than a little arbitrary:

> - new oly lens price are not the cheapest,

do you really want the cheapest lenses? What about quality?

> - used oly lens in ebay are in reduced number and also not very cheap compared to other brands.

How many lenses do you need? Why do you not look to other sources of supply?

> - oly apeares to be uninterested in continuing 4/3 system, and is inclined in going micro 4/3.

this is definitely wrong, at least for the time being. There are news about an E-7, should be coming this year.

> - no video in oly 4/3 system (correct this one if wrong).

Ok, you are wrong: there is one: the E-5.

If you switch from your present gear, you will be spending more money on the replacement equipment than you would on a single Oly lens, even if you buy a really nice one.

Good luck to you in any case


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