New iMac (late 2012) color calibration

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Re: Colorimeter and calibration software for New 27" iMac

David Crockett wrote:

Just bought a new 27" iMac, was using mac pro 2006 with an NEC multi sync 2090 uxi monitor. Cant use my spectraview, that came with the NEC, with the iMac so I've been reading about other calibration options and I seem to run into a lot of disagreement as to which profiling product is better. That's to be expected, however there seems to be some forum posts regarding a difference with the new iMacs, versus older iMacs regarding color calibration. So is anyone familiar with a difference calibrating the new iMacs versus the older iMacs and is there a preferred product specifically for the new iMacs and Mountain Lion OS? Thanks.

I recommend you go with an X-rite i1 Display Pro Colorimeter, which comes with X-rite Calibration software compatible with your new 27" iMac and also your NEC Monitor. The i1 Display Pro Colorimeter is also a great match for using with your NEC Spectraview II Calibration software (latest version 1.1.14) when calibrating your NEC Monitor.


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