How bout printing our great pics?

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Re: How bout printing our great pics?

BennyKingston wrote:

Good thread.

Just wondering how it is to send large files to the printer of choice?

Being relatively new to digital it is one of the things I would like to know. I have an old HP 895Cse (great photo quality) which takes the large ink cartridges, which are going to be obsolete soon enough. Also I can only print 8 x 10.

If I want to send out for 11 x 14's for my best work, do they expect finished files, do they adjust anything, or do they just print as sent......

How big are the files you guys send to the printer?

Most printers online allow you to choose whether to leave the original file alone, as it's been sent, or 'optimize' or adjust it how they see fit.  It's not too different from prints in film days, when you took film to a printer and had to tell them if you wanted no corrections applied.   Just make sure you know what you're doing, and have a monitor and printer that are well calibrated, if you're choosing to leave the file as sent!

File size varies greatly depending on how much crop and such - when making my larger prints, I'll typically send nearly uncompressed JPGs (set to minimal compression and highest quality) and will typically be in the 6-8MB range on 16MP photos.  This is usually larger than JPGs straight from the camera, which will typically be in the 3-5MB range.

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