Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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As a former Minolta and Sony DSLR user, I have to echo those comments. Sony bought the keys to all the Minolta lenses, but never opted to produce many (including basic ones like a 300/4) and also chose not to repair any Minolta glass (I know, I tried to get them to fix an 80-200/2.8). Many of these holes in their glass lineup continued for years and years, which is why I look at NEX users with a look of amazement when they proclaim that Sony will fill out the NEX lens lineup. Well since they had a lot of trouble ever doing that with Alpha mount lenses.....

Alpha bodies are outstanding. My old Minolta 7D may still be my favorite body ever, and the A700 (which I also used) and its progeny shared many of the qualities that made the 7D amazing. But I've never seen a lot of evidence that Sony can create and/or maintain a quality lens lineup. As Canikon increase their efforts in mirrorless, Sony has by far the most to lose. The styling of the NEX bodies will help - it certainly as a non-traditional feel that appeals to a lot of people. But overall Sony is in a really tough position in the interchangable lens camera business.

Sony partnered Zeiss for lenses and if I understand correctly Zeiss produces superior lenses compared to Minolta.  Seeing this your complain does not make much sense to me.

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