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The "Q" button is effectively a WB button

When you hit the "Q" button, it immediately takes you to the white balance selector.  Scroll left/right and choose any of the pre-canned WB settings, including manual Kelvin setting.

Setting *custom* white balance is more of a pain though.  Even having Custom White Balance in "My Menu", I need to:

  1. Take a photo of a "white" object
  2. Click "Menu"
  3. Scroll to "Custom White Balance", click "Set"
  4. Choose the image I want to use for WB (fortunately, most recent is displayed) and click "Set"
  5. Scroll to "OK" to confirm this setting
  6. Click "Menu" again to get out of the menus
  7. Click "Q"
  8. Scroll to "Custom" white balance, click "Q" to select it.

Like others, I rarely use this for photos because Auto WB is reasonably good and I fix things by PP'ing my RAWs later.  But it's definitely handy for getting the WB correct when shooting video, or when taking photos in weird lighting situations when I want to have a more accurate view of what the final photo will look like on the LCD.

I definitely wish "Custom" white balance took waaaaaaay fewer steps to set.


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