Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Think again

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Care to elaborate?

There are lots of its and bits.

For example "Sony — Lack of NEX lenses is going to hurt them if they're not careful." but Nikon, canon are just fine because apparently they have much more lenses than Sony NEX.

Canikon have a much much bigger following and do not need as much lenses as Sony to get a big enough market share once they start doing something serious. Brand affixation, blind faith or whatever, but that should be not under-estimated, especially given their marketing and distribution strengths.

Bigger following is much more of a reason to worry about lens line up. Somehow the assumption is that if a large number of people are interested in a system they can live with small number of lenses. Which is clearly absurd.

Nobody suggest there is no need for Canon to worry about lens line-up. Thom was pointing out, I think, that by being able to use existing EF lenses, Canon can get started relatively easilyi.

I think quite a few of his points, while made in stronger words than needed to avoid offending some people, are not so absurd, e.g. that Pentax is for all practical purposes out of this game (barring of course any unforseeable events in future). All predictions can only be made based on currently available information and can of course be wrong if the scenario changes after the prediction, e.g. the injection of fund by Sony into Olympus, or something like Pentax or Samsung joining M43, which might then gave those makers an much better mirrorless future!

If you researched there are lots of alpha minolta lenses around...

No there are not. There are lots of models, but since they have been out of production for years, there are not enough to go around.

Okey so for all these years sony is not producing alpha mount lenses. Is this what you are saying?

So according to you the only lenses in alpha mount are the lenses made by Minolta and thats it.

Even with Alpha commanding about 5% of the market, many of those lenses are hard to find...others are slow to focus and noisy...others are poor. Also, there is no warranty and they are very risky to buy.

The good Minolta Alpha lenses do retain their value, and if Sony would increase their market share, the value of those few lenses would skyrocket. I am actually hoping for this because I have some old Alpha lenses to sell.

Anyway, the real problem is Sony was trying for years with Alpha and going nowhere. I think the Alphas are better cameras than the Canons, but no one is buying them. Why does anyone think that Sony now will magically grab Canikon's market share and beat their marketing machine?

Sony has been very clever, they are not only maintaining dslrs but also focusing on mirrorless too. Slowly moving towards mirrorless.

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