leaving olympus as main brand

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I don't know man...

Private Custard wrote:

pris wrote:

Private Custard wrote:

pris wrote:

how long it will take for the rest of "depression cavalry" to arrive. Like honey to flies.

Depression Cavalry reporting for duty sir *salutes*

E3 E510, bigma, 70-300, 30mm 1.4, 18-50 2.8 and other stuff.........safely stored in the cupboard. 7D & 100-400 L in my bag.


What kind of Depression Cavalry rep are you?? You need to enter the door with 5-paragraph long explanation of why 4/3 is dead, why no new bodies will ever come, why we all must feel bitter and abandoned - and those are minimal requirements, just for entry! Sorry, you are disqualified.

I'm afraid I just can't be that downbeat about it!

Not being able to be "that downbeat" automatically disqualifies you from Depression Cavalry... sorry.  I will go into details below though so you don't feel the rejection is unfounded.

Olympus just didn't have what I needed. Their ranged options go from 'entry level', straight to 'sell my kidneys to a Mexican billionaire'. Not what I needed. Now if I were a street-shooter or someone that photographed local sports and some events, I'd have stayed. But I needed something Oly just couldn't cater for at the moment.

I'm open to offers on my Oly gear though........I hear Bigmas on the four-thirds mount are rarer than rocking-horse s**t nowadays!!

I can see you are honestly trying and I appreciate the effort, but you just don't give the right vibe... to be a part of that cavalry you MUST be "that downbeat," you see... drone and drone about decreasing market share, financial statements, gaps in lens lineup, abandonment of xxx-line users, century old sensors... These few lines you put up there just won't cut it.

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