Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

DtEW wrote:

Article is bunk.

The primary effect of the EOS-b will be to stop the hemorrhage of Canon dSLR users into mirrorless of any type when they want a smaller option to their existing body, or a supplement to their existing full-size body. Like my girlfriend and her 5D MKII.

It's not a cheap proposition to get into a whole new lens system, and the existence of the EOS-b will make the leap to a parallel system that much harder for an existing Canon user. This is why it's priced as it is; just enough to make it hard to go into a mirrorless system to invest in a whole new set of lenses... but not all that enticing for somebody starting anew, given its lens-mount dictated size limits, compromised ergonomics, low-end features (4fps, for example), and the true elephant in the room: Canon's lagging sensor technology.

I think it's (finally) a smart move for Canon after the EOS-M fiasco. But it's hardly going to be the earth-shaker Hogan paints it to be. This article does more to reveal Hogan's biases than anything else.

What biases are you referring to? Thom's probably the last person anyone would call a Canon fan.  He has the best Nikon website and has been using mFT from the outset.  He also named the OM-D his mirrorless camera of the year.

Imo, Hogan is correctly pointing out that this is a difficult time for camera companies and that the EOS-B could make it more difficult for mirrorless to further erode Canikon's market share.

Despite the fact that those of us here are sold on mFT, Canon and Nikon were the only two companies who made a profit on their cameras in the most recent quarter.  Even in Japan, the top 10 ILCs this week are all dSLRs.


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