Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

Kind of explain why there is only two lenses for MFT on their public lens roadmap and these two lenses are not going to be rleased until late this year or even next year.  Their optical engineers have to be doing something and it just might be the designing of a line of full frame lenses.

Still it gets to the point where good things gets developed to the point where it is good enough and maybe even exceeds a persons biological limits.  Kind of like printers and once they got to the point that they exceeded the biological limits of your eyes printer improvements have slowed down.  FF can give you better control of DOF if you want to have limited DOF.  The DR, high iso and tonal range are all slightly better but still most are now better than what monitors and paper will show so their is only very little to gain going FF.  Still for whatever reason the market is going there.  Just maybe Pentax with their medium format is a few years ahead of their time. 


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