I want to see a nikon D800 with 24mp

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Re: Small raw is just marketing: it doesn't "exist"

No, we just need to hammer the point that Joe and Bobn (and thousands of others) have been pointing out - even 36 MP RAW files are trivial on modern hardware.  On a D800 you have a pair of cards that can hold close to 75 GB storage.  75 freakin GIGABYTES of storage (36 x 2).

I still have the 1 GB cards that I bought with my D100.  In fact, I have a 16 MB CF card that came with some ancient Pentax camera.  (I also have a bunch of DS / DD floppy disks from 1982 but that's between my wife and I).  The new cards are 40 - 60 times faster than the old ones as well.

For those folks that need the speed of production JPEGS, well, the cameras have really nice JPEG engines bolted in.  If you need speed and archive ability, you've got JPEG and RAW.  So the manufacturers have covered their bases pretty much.  Of course there are edge cases that have issues.  Of course, they're free to experiment with whatever the hell they want to, but I just don't see the sRAW concept as an important one.

Nikon could more profitably spend engineering talent on creating a decent Live View system.  Or a menuing system somewhat more sane that Wile E. Coyote.

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