Question for those with X100 & X100s - important?

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Re: Question for those with X100 & X100s - important?

Sutto wrote:

I am a little concerned because there is a thread up here at the moment posting random images from the new X100s. There are a few folks on there not happy with the look of the X sensor and some are downright unhappy. They are asserting that the new X100 has lost that beautiful soft dreamy look that we all loved so much, to be replaced with some harsh, paint-like look. I can't see, on those samples at least, what they are trying to say, but you usually don't until you take your own pic's, get them in L/R, and put them on 100%.

My camera store rang me yesterday and my newly ordered X100s is waiting for me at Camera Electronic in Perth, WA. I will be there for Easter next week and plan to pick up my new order. We have no return policy like you lucky boys in the States do. If I blow my 1.3K (or whatever it is), on this contraption and get it back home here and find out what they are saying is true - I am stuck with it!

I use my X100 as my main and only 'wide angle-ish lens' on my extended trips to Asia. I am heading off again shortly for 6 months to Myanmar, Laos and Nepal. I only take my X100 and D700 with one lens (80-200 IFED 2.8D) - so it is of significant importance to me that the new X100 has not destroyed that look that we have grown to appreciate so much from the 'old' X100. This camera takes a large proportion of the pic's that I sell and distribute, so I certainly don't want the look of the 'old' X100 to be destroyed by this new beast.

I sold off my X-Pro1, because I did not like the look of what the sensor was putting out compared to the X100 (but mostly because the camera was woefully slow with 60mm lens). I know the X100s has a similar sensor, but I was hoping the lens was the factor that made that special look we have grown to love.

I am only getting the S because of advanced handling and faster speed. I don't need the 16mp and I certainly don't need the look of the files to be changed.

If anybody can help with my inquiry it would be greatly appreciated.



Considering the upgrade as well, since I love the X100 and would embrace every improvement they've made ...

Buying early puts you in a "guinea pig" stage but sometimes one has no choice

Keep us posted and have a great and safe trip



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