Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: All at once or nothing at all?

Najinsky wrote:

What has happened with digital, is the film has been replaced by the sensor and varying ISO implemented via electronics trickery (amplification). For raw shooters and for some sensors, they may indeed be no reason to shoot at anything other than the cameras optimum (base?) ISO, save for the fact that the camera JPEG used to review the image will not look correctly exposed. And this may well be exciting and interesting for some. But it absolutely should not be the foundation of beginning photography. It is way too technical and removed from the act of picture making for the introductory section of a beginners course.

What has happened is also that the camera makers failed to adjust their user interface to the new reality and instead tried to fake it. It really doesn't help that you feel you have to go through loops and fight the camera's automation to get the best exposure.

Teaching is hard, and if your method works for you and your students, it's always better than a method that doesn't work, but I'm not sure I buy the statement that it's too hard or too technical to not include ISO in the exposure triangle.

If ISO is a difficult or tricky concept, why not just fix it and keep it constant while they learn about aperture and shutter time and what it does to their pictures? Then once, they're comfortable with this and they have an understanding how to read and meter the lighting in a scene, you can bring in ISO and explain when it's useful to start fiddling with that dial.

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