macbook pro with retina?

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: macbook pro with retina?

Honestly you just need to go to a apple store and try it out. I switched to a MacBook Pro last year and I would NEVER go back to a PC. It's seriously that good. I think for multimedia editing its superior to windows. There is a learning curve and yes you can get more powerful hardware for less money with a PC, however Macs will give you a level of smoothness, OS integration, build quality,, efficiency, and battery life that in my opinion can not be touched by a windows PC.

Honestly the mac vs PC debate will never die, it's all personal preference. Macs are usually built FAR better than there windows counterparts but windows machines have come a loooong way and some of them have build quality and features that DO rival that of MacBooks. I'm a long time user of windows and now that I've switched, I'd never go back. However some windows users will feel the exact opposite

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