Which lens should I get with the t4i?

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Re: Which lens should I get with the t4i?

I was about to give you something to think about, but looks like you already arrived to it yourself.

I meant to suggest that you consider your shooting style, the way you carry your camera, how unencumbered you want to be otherwise, and how you envision swapping the lens.   The 55-250 is not exactly shirt-pocket sized, so it will require a carry solution if you want to keep it available.   That means either lugging about a bag or some kind of lens holster, or vest with adequately-sized pockets.   And swapping the lens on the go is not an easy matter.   You need to hold the body with one hand, lens with the other, and need to have a place where to put the lens you take off, while you take the other one out of its storage spot.   Basically, you need two places on your body where to store a lens.    In other words, swapping lenses as needed may sound fine in theory, but in practice it's a royal pain in the you-know-where.

Now, if there is a technical reason to split your focal range, that's one thing.   For example, you want the fast zooms, you get a 17-55 or 24-70 f/2.8 and a 70-200 f/2.8, there is no way around it.   Or, if you want f/2.0 and wider, you have to play with primes.   But there is really next to no advantage getting the 18-55 if you think you'll be getting and lugging around the 55-250.

Before you go for the 18-135, however, consider your needs.   Look at your shots, or get some tool that sorts by EXIF  info.   If you find that you rarely go beyond 100mm with your 55-250, a 15-85 might be the better choice.    The extra 3mm at the wide end make a huge difference, and the lens is very sharp, and USM as well.

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