B&W Paris Streets (on music) : Tell me what you think, please.

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Re: B&W Paris Streets (on music) : Tell me what you think, please.


You are one of a handful of photographers on this forum whose photographs I always enjoy seeing. You didn't disappoint with your Parisian images. Excellent compositions and lighting; you have a great eye and I could do far worse than looking at your photos for inspiration.

As to the zooming, put me in the camp of it being overdone. HOWEVER, I can honestly say that as distracting as the zooming in/out was, it never felt gratuitous because I was always excited to see what detail you would focus in on (when zooming in) or to see the context of the overall image (when zooming out). It sort of felt like a drug because even though I knew I didn't like the zooming, I couldn't stop watching because I was so curious as to what you would reveal.

Maybe be more selective and slow the zooming next time?

Anyway, thanks for showing some great images.


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