How bout printing our great pics?

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Re: How bout printing our great pics?

After years of home printing, I just got tired of the nerdiness factor, the stupid ink thing and trying to afford a decent printer in the first place. Snapshots at home are fine, but anything I think is good I now send out. I have been using Aperture printing services because it is convenient and they have been good. Of course there are other good services as well.

The commercial printing services use printers that cost as much as a house, have every size and type of paper and foil, etc in stock and they can print up various kinds of albums as well, a good way to save your work or to present it.

All for a few bucks, in a few days. No way to beat that unless you really are a printer and will invest in high-end equipment yourself, want to stock all the mediums and inks and are really into the workflow and settings...

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