Fuji HS50EXR USB Multi-Connector BE AWARE!!!

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
MitchyK7 Regular Member • Posts: 131
Re: Fuji HS50EXR USB Multi-Connector BE AWARE!!!

They change the connector and rewire it so early adoptors will be stung for the extra gear at an exhorbitant cost. I reckon it costs about £3 to make those releases, it's basically a button on some wire. So to sell it for £30 is quite a mark up. They make sure you can only buy from them in the early days, and in the long run casual users won't know any better than to buy all the accessories on the fuji page. I know they're a company and want to make money. That's what they do, but sometimes they take the pee a little.

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