Win7 to Win 8

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Brian Miller - huh?

Brian, if you have time, could you explain your cheese remark?

Also what is Win-D? Bing  search does not find it.

I guess the part about swiping with your nose is a joke. (?)

Interesting about IE10 in Metro/Modern ...

Brian Miller wrote:

Emeka U wrote:

yes, the ESC key, the Windows key, or the tile can all take you extra step which is hardly cumbersome

Win-D, Win by itself if you have already visited the desktop, or swipe in from the left with your nose if you have a touch-screen (or use a mouse).

I've come to think that Microsoft's big mistake was vastly over-rating the intelligence/learning capacity of (at least some of) their users.

For those who can't see past who moved my cheese? --

Bonus anti-FUD:

Also, except for a few missing Firefox add-ons, IE10 in Modern UI is a great web browsing experience. And the Metro Store is up to 48K apps, doubling the rate cited by the ExtremeTech article.

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