I found problem with lens adapters

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Re: I found problem with lens adapters

The problem with buying this kind of thing is there is no way to know in advance where an adapter is made, unless the seller tells you. I've seen quite a number of products of this nature advertised for sale in a way that implies it was made in the U.S., or Europe or wherever the seller is shipping from, but never explicitly stating where it was made. Looking closely at it,  the product is identical to the made in China product except for the label.

Yes, you can spend 5 to 10 times the amount and buy a "brand name" product and usually be certain it is better made. In this case I paid a low price, and had to put about 45 minutes of work into it because I had a somewhat unusual need. My Pen F adapter has approximately the same amount of error, but since I only use it for lenses I don't expect to ever need to modify it.

As to why the error, my guess is that the main adapter body is made on a cnc lathe, once the program is correct all copies will be identical. The screw holed are probably made by relatively unskilled labor, under pressure to work fast, using a drill jig aligned by eye to a mark on the body.

As far as the seller goes, if 95%+ of the buyers never complain (I would not have had any problem except for use of the bellows) the product must be good enough.

I did check that the mounting planes on the lens side and the camera side were parallel, and that the centering was correct. Both were excellent.


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