Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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Re: Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

Anders W wrote:

texinwien wrote:

A note about my standard E-M5 usage practices - I always used spot-metering. I usually use aperture priority mode with ISO 200 in well-lit situations. I use either shutter priority mode or manual mode either with fixed ISO of my choice or Auto ISO limited to 1600. I also try to ETTR whenever I have the time to be deliberate. My subjective gut feeling is that I almost always have a good deal of room to add +EV - often well over a full EV.

It doesn't take much time to be deliberate pretty much all the time tex. I hardly ever meter in the conventional sense any more after getting the E-M5.

I agree, and would also say that I rarely meter in the conventional sense any more, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions usually involve hurried timing, and often include candid people shots. Even in these situations, I've gotten reasonably quick at spot-metering on a dark enough part of the scene (with blinkies turned on) that I'm getting closer to the right (optimum level of exposure for minimizing noise) than conventional metering would have gotten me, even if I don't really have time to adjust EC up and down a bit to locate the exact spot before important highlights are going to blow.

The live view "blinkies" (highlight warnings) will tell me not only when but also where things will clip and most of the time I simply go by that. I use spot metering on the highlights for the few cases where the highlight warnings don't work quite the way they should. If the DR of the scene is such (decided by my guts feeling) that preserving all the highlights I'd like to preserve will make the shadows excessively noisy, I choose one of the following options depending on what is possible given the subject and the light conditions: a) let some of the highlights go, b) use exposure bracketing and select the best in PP or merge/align in PP, or c) shoot a burst at the same exposure and merge/align in PP.

I follow you, and agree. In short, I'd say you're right that it doesn't take much time to be deliberate, but sometimes, when a fraction of a second may count, I don't expend any effort or thought on it, focusing instead on composition, focus and an exposure that, if not optimal, will at least (hopefully) not be horrible

Over time, I fully expect that I'll grow more comfortable making split-second adjustments with the E-M5 - that is, if I manage to learn the new skill before my cognitive abilities have already slid too far in the direction of inevitable old-age dementia


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