Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: All at once or nothing at all?

Sorry, I may have mislead people by referring to moving between the two camps, that wasn't exactly what I meant.

I was trying to say that, as a beginner, I was fine starting out with the idea that the exposure triangle included ISO but that this didn't prevent me from going on to understand and appreciate the stricter/correct definition of exposure and the role of ISO in the image process.

There has been much discussion on these threads that once you have been taught that ISO is a part of exposure then you are limited to this understanding and I was trying to say that this has not been my experience.

Bryan's book is one experienced photographer's view on the general topic of exposure and was helpful to me when I started. I have since read other books and articles with different views and I have to say they are all interesting and valid in their different ways. The more we understand and appreciate these differing approaches, the better placed we are as photographers.

I think your analysis of the two camps is very interesting and I have a question for you, do you think that these camps are mutually exclusive?

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