Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

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Re: Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

I WANT to love mirrorless, and I've tried it a couple of times. Generally the size, weight and features of mirrorless are very appealing to me, but in actual practice I just find them... unsatisfying I suppose. The smaller size always sounds like a good idea, but I tend to find those small cameras fiddly and hard to use in the real world. I can't get used to electronic viewfinders or framing and focusing on the back screen with the camera held out in front of me..... Some of the mirrorless bodies seem kind of toy-ish in practice...

Don't get me wrong - they are very good cameras and I've seen some stunning images taken with them. And I know a lot of people love their actual functionality and operating experience. I just don't. Maybe it's just because I'm old and cranky, but I just get more satisfaction out of a slightly more traditional DSLR style body. My skills aren't high enough that I'd ever tax a mirrorless unit beyond it's capabilities, but I just prefer the feel and functionality of DSLRs overall....

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