Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

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Re: Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

If you want to have nice Bokeh and shallow DOF a M43 camera is not what you want.

This is a big concern I have. Is that simply because of the available lenses' widest apertures or is it a function of the system itself?

It's a combination of the two.

In terms of shallow DOF it's either m4/3 body with Panasonic-Leica 25 f1.4 or Fuji X-E1 with Fuji XF 35 f1.4. Both should have shallow DOF, but the Fuji narrowly wins. (the m4/3 sensor being slightly smaller).

As for zooms you can get m4/3 body with Panasonic 12-35 f2.8 or Fuji X-E1 with the "kit" 18-55 f2.8-f4.0. The DOF capability should be mostly equal (2.8 on m4/3 behaves like f4 on APS-C).

I think though that the difference is pretty small. Other factors like distance to subject and distance from subject to background start to play a larger role.

But if you really find an aperture ring and shutter dial cumbersome I recommend to get a Sony NEX.

I have been shooting since the mid '70s and used to always use fully manual everything. But since the advent of the digital age, I've simply gotten used to the speed of access via small wheels under the thumb rather than turning a lens barrel or a horizontal click-dial. I now prefer it.

You can put an XF lens in auto-aperture or auto-shutter speed. This translates to either shutter priority or aperture priority. I was also concerned at first, but now I really enjoy the feeling of the physical controls.

#4. Paired with the fuji 35mm f/1.4... basically gives me my (affordable) version of the Leica M with 50mm Summicron

#5. Mirrorless system gives me a plethora of manual lens options; DX taking slightly less of a hit on DOF & FOV

What about with the kit zoom? Do you recommend the primes all the way?

That depends on your shooting preference (prime lenses or zoom). I have the XF35 mm and the XF18-55 and like them both. I couldn't part with any of them. And I have to say that the Fuji X-E1 paired to the 35mm is a very special photography tool. In a good way. You can read about my ongoing love-affair with the Fuji X-E1 if you want - http://andreinicoara.com/fuji-x-e1-review-a-photographer-camera/

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