16-50mm F2.8 、10.5mm Fisheye 、full frame camera NEws

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Re: 16-50mm F2.8 、10.5mm Fisheye 、full frame camera NEws

tecnoworld wrote:

I wonder why samsung did not use the sensor from pentax k5 ii into its new nx cameras, like nx 300. It's quite better than that from nx200, imho...

because they are capable of making their own sensor. personally, the sensor is good but rather raw. it does seem to lack the fine tuning needed which in my opinion has got to do with converters, image processors and software. imo, the job of the converters is to find a way to amplify the signal at higher sensitivities, image processors for gathering data or improving speed, and software for eliminating noise and better jpeg results. if Samsung finds a way on improving the software and putting a much better A/D converter, that would possibly make the next-gen cameras much better than the previous ones. so far, those two areas are yet to be seen since the new image processor so far is delivering the goods as far as the initial testing and results show (AF speed, processing time, picture quality at lower ISO).

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