Fuji HS50EXR USB Multi-Connector BE AWARE!!!

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
MitchyK7 Regular Member • Posts: 131
Re: Fuji HS50EXR USB Multi-Connector BE AWARE!!!

You think it's bad now? How about if i tell you that RR80A is just the normal RR80 with an adaptor, specially wired for Fuji's deliberate miswiring of the terminal, and even worse, they won't sell the adaptor separately!

I get my remote releases and intervalometers from JJC, and i've spoken to them about this. They are currently waiting for an RR80A to turn up so they can figure out the connections to make a new range of accessories. I asked them specifically about an adaptor for existing gear, and they said they'll look at providing as many accessories as they can. So fingers crossed!

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