Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Time is running out for The big two

sgoldswo wrote:

People aren't interested in looking at the body with the body cap on, they want to see the camera with the lens on. If the lens is bigger than the camera the whole exercise is pointless.

Yes, but does removing the mirror box make the lenses any smaller?

If you read the article, he's not saying this is any big threat to m43, he says m43 will continue to do fine because there IS a meaningful system size advantage there.

He's saying the smaller less established players may get squeezed (Pentax and Samsung) and is especially questioning Sony's position.  Sony with the NEX has produced thin bodies.  But with the same sensor size, is there going to be much system size advantage vs. a small Canon DSLR?

To me, it seems that Canon hasn't yet offered much of a challenge to m43.   They are competing more with Sony.  And what do they have, two EF-M lenses?  I think they've decided it doesn't make sense to invest heavily in  APS-C mirrorless.  They can do better here with their existing mount.

Nikon has made a more serious attempt, going even smaller with the sensor, and introducing some decent value lenses for it.  But they haven't really gotten the camera right yet.

One thing I disagree about is the notion of "elephants".  There's only one elephant in the camera market, and that's Canon.  Nikon is a good company, but it's not that big, not that strongly positioned, and doesn't typically sell more cameras overall than Sony.  They sell more than Olympus, but still less than Olympus and Panasonic combined.  They need to compete on the quality of their offerings, they aren't going to do so on distribution and strength of brand alone.

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