Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Nice, but missing an important point

Thanks for the for the cordial and rational response. I don't think the differences are insurmountable, and I don't see it as unlearning incorrect information. I see it as quite natural progression from introductory to more advanced.

Once the new photographer has grasped the idea of how and why she controls the image using different parameters in different scenarios, she is now much better equipped. It's not an earth shattering event to then be told that within the three parameters they've been using, the Aperture and Shutter combine to control the amount of light falling on the sensor, and the ISO controls how the camera processes that light. Depending on the group, it may have already come up in the introductory stages, and for sure some will have already figured it out for themselves.

I think this is the aspect of teaching that the techies may not be comprehending fully. It is not a case of students in, instructor presents course material, and out pops educated people at the other end.

Different groups have different dynamics, different levels (or more accurately, types) of comprehension, and different goals in attending the course. Devices like the exposure triangle are communication aids, not scientific reference material. It's down to the instructor to gauge how well the material is working for the intended purpose, both his and their goals, and to adapt accordingly.

I wouldn't shy away from making the distinction between light received and the processing of that light if I felt the group were on board with that distinction and it felt appropriate for the group. And it would usually get referenced when talking about the image settings; sharpness, saturation, contrast, white balance and noise reduction. But I wouldn't start ramming it down their throats on day one, when it's clear the group are just the average public who bought a camera because everyone has a camera, and they want to take better photos; meaning well (or interestingly) exposed subjects, suitable depth of field, well (or interestingly) focussed, blur-free, noise free, pleasing and/or interesting compositions. But they don't yet know that's what they mean when they say better photos. And in classical educator style, you start by telling them what they don't yet know, then you tell them about it, and then you recap what you told them and why.

This was the point of the subject heading of the post, 'All at once, or not at all?'. The assumptions has been made, incorrectly, by many of the discussion participants, that the exposure triangle is the purpose of a whole course. It's not, it's just a communication aid for the introductory stages to start defining some terms that everyone can relate to. Those terms and ideas get refined through-out the course.


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