Need help from Mac people.

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Re: Need help from Mac people.

Andy Hewitt wrote:

photoman157 wrote:

Photoshop is NOT cross platform, unless you do the cloud version where you pay a monthly fee continuously, other words subscription based.

Fair enough. When did they change that then. I'm 100% certain that at least one version was boxed as a dual install with a licence that worked on either.

Looks like Adobe got mean again.

I think it's been like that for at least several versions (CS4/5/6).  Maybe the dual install program you are thinking of is Lightroom, which Adobe sometimes refers to as "Photoshop Lightroom"?  That one has always let you use your two installs on PCs, Macs, or "one of each".

Photoshop Elements is also sold (sometimes) with Windows and Mac versions in the same box.

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