Not taken seriously with OMD

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Re: Not taken seriously with OMD

LMNCT wrote:

How many versions of "Mine is Bigger than Yours" must we endure! Stick a sign on your camera which tells people that "This is a Real Camera".

Speakin of mine is bigger than yours... try this..

At a restaurant with your partner and another couple (work this out with the other guy before you go).. try to work 'i'm a real man' into the conversation.. or something like that.

You say "mine is bigger than yours" to the other guy

he says "no .. mine is bigger than yours"

then you get up (or at least for the partners to see) and start removing your belt..

then the other guy will do the same and start removing your belt.

your partners are mortified at this point and don;t doubt that you will pull your pants down next

then when you have both belts off, put the 2 belts together in the air...

and the one with the bigger belt says "See ???? I told you mine was bigger than yours)

(of course before hand that one of you does indeed have a bigger belt)..


you will get a great laugh (unless the manager runs to your table with the chef's meat cleaver first)

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