Seeking Feedback Regarding the F750EXR

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Re: Seeking Feedback Regarding the F750EXR

Wellington100 wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Unfortunately there are no really better options in 10x or more zoom range, the camera market has gone downhill very much with the introduction of long zoom lenses in small cameras with too many MP on the sensor. Of other options, I can recommend used F70EXR or F72EXR as a reasonable option to replace F30, not a step up in low light (about equal with right settings), but at least not so many problems with lens flare and exposure inconsistencies (but it does have PF), or Canon SX260 as the most reasonable pocket superzoom option on the today's market (only 12 MP), and currently on sale for good prices (new model coming soon). If 5X zoom is enough, according to many Fuji F200EXR (used) is the best Fuji pocket point and shoot ever made, and good replacement for F30.

Also, there is way to fix the dirt on the lens with a vacuum cleaner, but it is not for the fainthearted. I did manage to do it a couple of times on various F30 and F31 cameras.

My experience with the F300 has been stellar. It has exceeded all of my expectations and continues to be a delightful camera to use every day. It is the last model made before production switched to China and the lens and the camera are terrific. It is however a daylight only camera

I wish F300 was slightly better in low light, at least equal to F70, I could recommend it then as an all-around camera. F70 is paradoxically more usable to me in low light then even the F600, despite the more noisy sensor. F300 with an F70 sensor would have been an interesting camera, but the MP race won the marketing battle, 12 MP sounded better then 10. I am still on the lookout for the cheap used F300 (the refurbished deal you pointed out does not ship outside the UK or Ireland).

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