D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

Some background, I am not here to troll as some have accused me of.  I am just here to research my next camera.  I am trying to figure all this out like the rest of you.   I have been reading about this issue and struck up a conversation with a local camera rep about this dust problem who basically said not to buy the D600 and wait until the problem is fixed.   I don’t know how much he knows; weather he is BSing me or not but his intentions seemed sincere.

Maybe I should clarify the conversation to not get the board in an uproar.   The only info that he “claimed” to know from Nikon is that the fix (shutter box replacement) is too expensive and that Nikon will need to reconfigure something to actually fix the problem in a cost effective manner.   I would think the rest of my post stating what he said is just his conjecture (which in my opinion also makes sense-- see below).  My apologies for not making this clear up front.

It does make a lot of sense that the shutter replacement (which is what they are doing to actually “fix” the problem) is too expensive of a fix for the camera and that Nikon will not continue to manufacture a camera with such an expensive flaw to fix.

Just think about it, put yourself in Nikon’s shoes for a minute.  You have a camera (the D600) that has an obvious flaw in the majority of the units; of which the flaw is VERY WELL KNOWN and your customer base is growing more and more angry and are sending in their cameras for services at your expense.   Your choices are following:

1. Continue to produce a camera that a majority of the units will comeback for either repetitive cleaning until the warranty is done (at Nikon’s expense), or an expensive shutter replacement (at Nikon’s expense).  Both of which will probably negate the profit margin of the unit while also reducing the demand for the product.  And at the same time take a hit to your reputation.  Would you want to continue to produce these units? Anybody with an ounce of business sense would not keep manufacturing this product and work on a fix.

2. Or would you alter the design of the units?  If it was an easy “fix” like a Quality control issue, Nikon would have already done it and the new units would not be “dusting” -- but they are.  It does seem like more drastic measures are needed so according to this guy, they are most likely working on an update such as a “refresh D600s.”

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