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OOC Jpegs will always be soft

MaxCh wrote:

I recently started shooting in RAW+JPG. I am yet to see a RAW photo which looks better than the JPG version. The only difference is that I can apply various picture style to a RAW file but I happen to like the default auto style.

I will continue shooting in RAW- hopefully I will see the advantage one day.

As I've mentioned previously, OOC jpegs from Canon suffer softness because of the standard NR applied to them which can't be disabled. The reason that you are probably not seeing any advantage in Raw is perhaps because you still have the standard +2 Luminance NR setting applied in DPP. Set the NR to 0 and you should see true sharpness from your lenses.

Here is an example of how shooting Raw allows you to claim back the sharpness your Camera deserves. The following will compare the sharpness achieved by OOC jpeg and Raw developed in DPP. The shot was done with Raw + Jpeg setting.

OOC Jpeg. 100% Crop. The tree leaves and the trunk appear quite soft and mushy. The texture of the painted fence looks a little unnatural.

Raw developed in DPP with luminance NR set to 0. 100% Crop.  The leaves are now crisp and the tree trunk has true texture. The fence texture and paint is much more natural. This is the true sharpness of the lens.

Raw developed in DPP with the standard +2 Luminance NR applied by default. 100% Crop. It's even softer than the OOC jpeg. If you have not set preferences in DPP to apply ZERO NR as default then this is the softness you will see in your shots. Some people will see this softness and blame the softness on the Kit lens without realising that it is the NR that is killing sharpness.

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