Has Nikon Gone Forward or Backwards Like a Crab With D7100??

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Re: Yikes I cant wait to see what happens!

dezinerd wrote:

Maybe when everyone is processing these unalias filtered photos from the Pentax, Nikons and Fujis and Sigmas it will be a new level of photographic excellence.

Nah. If we're talking about the level of detail our cameras can provide, to get to that new level, it's gonna take a lot more pixels. Removing the AA filter won't really help, even if it's a good marketing decision.

I can't wait I am going along for the ride and thrilled to get in cheap compared to the D800E.

Just to be clear, none of those cameras is gonna touch the D800(e).

But I say that just to see what is on the other side, something new, fresh and with fewer constraints. That is where technology comes in. I am hoping this is liberating technology to free me of more old constraints.

Indeed, this is where better gear can help, that we can get pictures with better resolution, better noise/dr than we were able to yesterday, more keepers and so on. It's a good thing.

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