Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Time is running out for The big two

Dr_Jon wrote:

Since Canon and Nikon actually make money out of selling cameras, while pretty much everyone else is losing money, it's hard to criticise their strategy.

Plus they are also the only people with reasonably complete lens ranges, e.g. Canon has Eight telephoto lenses of 300mm or more (not including the telephoto zooms, just primes) and Four Tilt-Shift lenses currently available. I'd love a good stabilised auto-focusing super-telephoto for my GH3, but will have to wait a while I think.

They make money because they make entry to medium level DSLRs very cheaply (I seem to recall the manufacturing cost of the average DSLR is less than the average mirrorless) and sell them in huge quantities. They can afford to cut margins to maintain market share for a time (which is what they've been doing furiously) but if they aren't careful the bottom will fall out of the market very quickly. Agree on the lens ranges but I know plenty of people who would move to another system if the lens choice was available - that argument for M43s gets (much) easier over time.

For a lot of people the two panny X zooms were a watershed moment and tipping point away from DSLRs and I can go to my local department store (no camera shops left nearby!) and see the smaller DSLR display and the larger mirrorless display than 12 months ago. Interestly the only Oly that particular store stocked (they mainly selly Panny and Sony) was the E-M5. I asked the sales guy why they stocked it as a one off and he told me it was the fastest selling £1000+ camera they sold and that they had stocked the X100 for the same reason 12 months earlier.

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