Leaving DSLR - pros and cons of X-E1 vs OM-D EM-5

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Re: Handling and IQ vs speed and features

3systermuser wrote:

funny Fuji , the practical real life IQ of the Fuji is not any better than that of the OM-D based system.

Practical? Sorry but in my subjective view there's no comparison. And there's no DXOmark comparison either, but I'm comparing back to back with a D600, which is no slouch, and a D7000, which it completely dominates.

IQ should be evaluated as a whole system and MFT has much better selection of better primes , thus the OM-D system might win over the Fuji based system in many FLs.

Not in the wide angles I like, and the Fuji lineup is still growing. The "excellent" lenses on the MFT cameras are often at focal lengths I never use. However the new 14 2.8 on the Fuji is really excellent.

and do not forget slow and inaccurate aF of the X-E1 makes its PRACTICAL real life IQ can be worse.

This is just such a non-issue. I haven't had a focus miss since the latest two firmware revisions, and it's easily fast enough for what I do with it. And anyone who says the OMD doesn't miss focus clearly hasn't used one much. Neither can track moving objects worth a damn, but that's why I own a D600 in the first place.

and to get the same DOF at the same shutter speed , Fuji has to to crank up ISO or OM-D gets faster SS, so naturally deeper DOF at aperture to aperture of the OM-D can be good.

Er, sorry - that's just nonsense. Unless of course you are working in the dark. For most uses, the subject isolation on the Fuji is in a different class (esp with the 35 and 60) and high ISO is far superior.

I'm really happy if you like your OMD, I never said it was a bad camera, but just to be clear, I spent quite a bit of time using my friends version, and it is close to unusable for anyone with hands my size. But we are all different.

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