Real-life images of X100S in Vietnam

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Hey webgeek - thanks for your kind reply.  After I wrote my post to you I was hoping you had not thought I was being disrespectful to your country - to the contrary.  I was just stating one of my frustrations - shopping for expensive electronic items there.  I fully understand why they are like that - we are privileged from the 'West', and for us it is not so much of a big deal spending that much money.   However, as somebody said on here - that would represent several months wages for somebody in V/N.  For us, that is only a few days wages.

I really love your country and your people.   It is also one of the most wonderful places photographically.   I have been there so many times I have lost count.  The thing that is an indictment on my Country (Australia/New Zealand), I feel much much safer wandering around all over Saigon on my Honda Cub 50, than I ever would here in Australia (big cities at night here are now very dangerous).

I like you country so much I am going to marry one of the HCMC locals - ha ha.



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