Colors in ACR don't match Adobe Bridge

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Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,499
Re: Colors in ACR don't match Adobe Bridge

As noted, the RAW file *contains* an in-camera generate JPG 'preview' (it also contains a JPG thumbnail).  Bridge is showing you the preview and when ACR runs, it does NOT.  It processes the actual raw data using some preset values in an attempt to get close to the JPG.

If you have a recent Photoshop/Bridge and look in the 'Calibration' tab in ACR, you should probably find a camera profile that gets you very close and then you can create a preset for that w/ some additional adjustments (like bump up the brightness/exposure/contrast/tint) to get you 'closer'.  You can get very close but if you insist on 'dead-on' to what Bridge shows (ie. camera JPG colors), then you will need to use the camera mfgr's software and save it as a TIFF.

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