MAC users, Aperture 3 or Lightroom 4?

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Re: Now I really need help.

spacemn wrote:

ROFLOL wrote:

I took the advise and downloaded trial versions go A3 and LR4. The first thing I wanted to compare was lens distortion. I took a few Raw + Jpeg of my computer keyboard @ 18mm (24ff). Got barrel distortion in Raw.

Aperture 3: Jpegs (in camera corrected) Raw had barrel distortion. I can't find any way in A3 to correct this. Can this correction be done in A3?

LR4: Jpegs (in camera corrected). Raw had barrel distortion. I found "Lens Profiles" with RX-1 and a few E mounts but not the lens I had used. I used my A77 with the kit 16-50 2.8 for this test.

Where would I find additional profiles for NEX-6 & A77 lenses ?

There are plug-ins for Aperture 3 where you can do lens corrections, but then the RAW files gets converted to TIFF as I recall it. This os not optimal in my opinion.

Now I have LR 4.4 running on MAC, and I feel it is faster to load the RAW files and the noise reduction is MUCH better than Aperture. Also CA can be a little hard to remove on Aperture, not sure how much better LR is here.

Aperture seriously need a big update in my opinion, but if I didn't use the 18-200LE and only used my nice prime lenses and did not need noise reduction (which I do!), then I wouldn't have made the jump to LR. Yes, the clarity slider in LR is also quite nice(!)

There is a list of plug ins for Aperture, including at least 3 that will fix lens distortion, to be found here.

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