5dmk3 vs 7d + strobes...

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Re: 5dmk3 vs 7d + strobes...

I have a 7D and a 5D mk3.  The mk3 I bought mainly because the top wheel on my 40D was slipping when changing settings, that was my backup camera.

The 5D mk3 is a fantastic camera, the AF is a dream to use...I love it!...but if I were you I would start looking at the Einsteins if you want to get serious with your studio work.  I have 4 Einsteins now plus one AB 1600, I do a lot of studio and location work and the 7D has been a great camera.  I did have issues with focus, which has never been the best even now.

Start with one Einstein first, believe me it won't be long before you want 2, then 3 etc.  Trigger the Einstein with a Cactus 4 until you get the cash for the Cybersync gear.  That's what I did for nearly 2 years!

Get some lighting...get creative, then if you have some spare cash in the future if you aren't buying more lights get a mk3.  Nothing wrong with the 7D in the studio I can a sure you!

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