A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

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Re: A Strange Barcelona setting (7 similar pics, looking for best 2)

ThePalindrome wrote:

Interesting, I really disliked the pictures with the people in the foreground. The geometry of the background and the minimalism is what I like about the scene because it focuses the attention on the main subjects. The people in the foreground just seem random and unconnected to the rest. Especially the out-of-focus half of a boy in a black jacket doesn't make any sense to me.

These are just my personal feelings about the pictures and I'm not starting a discussion which one is the objectively better (because that is not possible). I find it interesting that different people have so different reactions to these pictures.

Ultimately it depends on what the vision, the intention of the photographer was when he created these images which one is best, as in which one fits this original vision best.

Hi rr,

You bring up the important dichotomy of photography as 'contemporary art' (see Michael Fired's essay on Thomas Demand from 2005) or as a 'social tool' in capitalist societies (see Susan Songtag's  collection of essays 'On Photography'. To quote an essay by Christopher Bedford with regards to the former: "Thomas Demand is just one example of an artist/photographer – other obvious examples include Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall –who has achieved [here is the interesting part] prominence adn whose work generates interest because process and concept can be located in the work that precedes the moment a photograph is taken. The photograph is simply the incidental conclusion, the polished index of a more complex back-story to be researched and unpacked by the viewer/critic. in this sense, the photograph is not independently productive of meaning, but is rather the document that records and implies the extended process behind the image."

I appreciate your thought regarding the subjective nature of photography. It reminded me to take a few minutes to reflect. I enjoyed the break, now back to work...


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