Why use Pentax?

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Wasn't going to respond to this one --

but after your riposte to Zvonimir's post, I figure you deserve it.

If you care to look at the "For Sale & Wanted" forum, you'll see I've posted my D300s and associated Nikon lenses etc for sale. Just this evening actually.

I started with Pentax back in 1980 with an ME Super. When the ist*DS was released I felt it was the first "real" digital SLR that I could afford - or at least justify spending the money on. Wasn't quite happy with the focus ability and when the K10D came out I hungered after that. Again, was a bit disappointed with the camera's performance but convinced myself the problem was probably me so I persevered. Eventually I realised it wasn't me - my K10D was a bit of a lemon. I should have sent it in for repair but by then the warranty was up so - I shelled out for the K20D and the individual lens focus adjustment. Turns out the K20D was a great camera - still is actually and I still use it. My problem then, though, was that my son was playing football and I just couldn't see much in longish glass and the Pentax focus ability wasn't working for me. So I set my sights on the legendary Nikon D300s with its almost mythical auto-focusing ability. I shelled out big bucks for the camera and the 70-200 2.8 lens. While I was at it I bought a wide angle zoom and a few other goodies. But you know what? I never really enjoyed using the D300s. I found it clumsy and irritating to use. The controls are all wrong. The lens unlock button is just ON THE WRONG SIDE COMPLETELY. So in 3 years I only put just over 5000 clicks on that camera. That averages out at just over a 100 shots per football game. Not very much use really. Other than football, I hardly used it.

A while back I bought a K-5 and it too is a good camera. I've decided now to stick with Pentax come hell or high water. Why? Because technically, in taking images, they're every bit as good as Nikon and Canon cameras, and many think they have aspects to them which are better. But one thing's for sure, you're not going to take good shots with a camera you don't like. And I didn't like Nikon. I've also tried a D90 and a D7000 - I didn't like them much either.

And the camera for me, as far as pure pleasure to use and take photos with, is the K20D. I still get the most enjoyment out of using it. The K-5 takes slightly better images, especially at higher ISO, but the K20D is still my favourite camera. So after quite a few years, I think I've come home.

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