Ming Thein reviews the GH3

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Re: For fun: read his EPl5 review...

No, they're not "entirely" different. They are the relative flagships of their brands, advanced enthusiast / prosumer models.

Are they carbon copies of each other? No. And, furthermore, it is still a review, and Thein has the right to review the cameras as they fit his needs.

If he thinks ergonomics or the lack of an EVF on a compact is no problem, that's his call.

If he expects a top-of-the-line prosumer model to have a very good EVF, and the camera is reviewing is, to him. a top-of-the-line prosumer model, and he thinks it doesn't have a good EVF - that's all his call.

Again - it's the reviewer's opinion. He may be only mildly interested in video, and not an expert at all. It's still fine for him to express his opinion about each camera's video capabilities - it's simply up to the reader to decide whether that opinion is relevant to the readers' needs.

You're seriously missing the boat on the idea of a review. It's a subjective piece, full of opinion, based on one person's views, needs, practices and thoughts.

That's what a review has been for centuries. You're fighting against history and reality. Don Quixote de la Mancha, tilting against windmills, my friend.

I have to say that I still like the review as I like his photo's really a lot. He said he didn't like the Gh3. Okey: but he got some really nice shots with it anyways!

He did, indeed - the shots look quite nice.

He didn't get along with the camera - OK, no biggie. He's entitled to that opinion. Maybe he didn't give it enough time. Maybe he prefers something smaller. Doesn't really matter - if the camera doesn't appeal to him, that's what he should say in his review.

Not my problem at all. However: not giving it a chance is another matter. Saying: I didnt shoot too much with it because of this to me is a no-go for a photographer unless the camera was a bad copy or simply stalled all the time..

You're welcome to criticize that. I think that's a valid criticism. Although there have been more than one book review that started out with an introduction along the lines of, "I tried to read this book to the end, but I simply couldn't do it."

Not defending the fact, just mentioning it.


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